Exhibits & Events

Exhibits List 2017

April 14-May 7    “Gentle Spring and the Wild Men”, Permanent Artists and Phil McKenney

May 12-June 4      Exposure Unlimited Group…Bob Worthy, Cathy Herndon, John Nichols Jr.,     Jimmy Butler, Joan Limbrick, David Lovegrove and Retta Robbins 

June 9-July 9        Carl Thor & Permanent Artists

July 14-August 6   Kathleen Walsh

August 11- Sept 4  Bev Ryan

Sept 8-October 8   Gala Tenth Anniversary celebration, many of the gallery’s original artists including Jonathan Shaw and Ross Merrill

Oct 13-Nov 5         Joyce Thor

Nov 10-Dec 17       Vicki Marckel

Jan 12-14  2018    Ebbie Hynson

Exhibits List 2016

July 8-August 7        Bill Firestone and Rob Rudick

January 9-25           Ebbie Hynson

March 13-April 5      Alumni Show

April 10-May 3         Beejee Juhnke and Barbara Brennan

May 8- June 7          Barbara Kohn and Cynthia Misicka

June 12-July 5          Dan Wise

July 10-August 9      Vicki L. Marckel and Steven S. Walker

August 14 – Sept 7    Aaron Bowles and Doris Barbee

September 11 – October 4  Rose Beitzell and George Bowles

October 9 – November 8  Steve Griffin and “Bike Art”

November 13 – December 20  Susan Tilt, Susan Goff and Carol Wollstein


Completed Exhibits 2014

January 10-March 9                  Ebbie Hynson

March 14-April 6                       Workshop Alumni

Apri 11- May 4                           Luba Sterlikova Students

May 9- June 8                          Hubert Jackson and Barbara Kohn

June 13-July 6                           Joan Limbrick and Nancy Brittle

July 11-August 3                        Fredericksburg Artists, “Drawn Together”

August 8- September 7             Carolyn Goodridge

September 12- October 5          Ellie Penn and Rob Rudick

October 10-November 9            Barry De Baun and Bike Art

November 14-January 4             Tom Smagala and Carl Thor